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National Highways in Assam

The total length of National Highways in Assam is 3900.44 Km. This includes 15 nos. of newly declared NHs for a length of 1032.127 km. In addition to this 847.00 km of road stretches have already been approved “in principle” as new NHs and another 1253 km of state roads have been identified to be upgraded to NH.

I. Under Assam PWD, NH Wing: 2541.937 Km
II.  Under National Highway Authority of India: 696.308 Km
III. Under National Highway Infrastructure Development Corporation Limited: 399.36 Km
IV.  Under Border Road Organization: 31.00 Km
V.  Under Railways: 13.65 Km
VI.  Under Ministry of Road Transport & Highways: 25.807 Km
VII.  Newly declared NHs but yet to be entrusted: 192.38 Km

National Highways in Assam

There are 39 National Highways running through Assam with a total length of 3900.438 Km. The NH numbers are: NH-31,NH-31B,NH-31C,NH-36, NH-37,NH-37A, NH-37Extn, NH-38, NH-39, NH-44, NH-51, NH-52,NH-52AExtn,NH-52B, NH-52BExtn, NH-53, NH-54, NH-54Extn, NH-61, NH-62,  NH-151, NH-152, NH-153,   NH-154, NH-127B, NH-127C, NH-127D, NH-315A, NH-427, NH-627, NH-127E, NH-117A, NH-715A, NH-702, NH-702C, NH-702D, NH-329, NH-208A, NH-329A

New NH declared in Assam

Total Length
as on 31.03.2014

Length added
since April 2014
Total length in KmAgencies
3742.948 Km157.49 KmName 23900.438 KmNHAI   = 696.308 km
State PWD NH Wing = 2541.937km
BRO = 31
NHIDCL = 399.36
MoRT&H = 25.807
Railway = 13.65
Newly Declared NH yet to be entrusted to Assam
Newly declared NH  Under State Road=38 Km

The details of new in principle approved NHs in State Assam during the last three years and current year is as below:

New In principle approved NHs details
In principle approved lengthEconomic Corridor (in principle approved)Total    in principle approved lengthLength of State Roads included in Economic Corridor/Feeder Routes of draft Cabinet Note
847.275 km0847.275 km0

Length  of Road constructed under NH(O) & SARDP-NE  during each year since 2014 in the state of Assam

YearLength completed(in Km)
2017-18 as on 31st July/201716.45

Lane wise details of length  of Road constructed during each year since 2014 in the state of Assam

Lanes2014-152015-162016-172017-18 upto June 2017
2 lanes79.727.23863.71916.45
4 lanes0.1260.4410.2520.00
6/8 lanesnilnilnilnil

Length  of Road awarded during each year since 2014 in the state of Assam