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What We Do


    The Public Works Building & National Highway Department came into existence with effect from 5th May, 2010 bifurcating from the original Public Works Department, the oldest and most important department under Govt. of Assam which was established in the year 1880 under the British rule.

    Public Works (B & NH) Department is the principal construction organization of the Government of Assam and headed by the Commissioner & Special Secretary at the Govt. level. Public Works (B & NH) Department is involved in construction & maintenance of Building and also National Highway works all across the state, irrespective of terrain diversities or difficulties in situations of law & order, as well.

    Functions of Public Works Building and National Highway Department

    PW (B & NH) Department envisages a lead role in the execution, maintenance and standardization of built environment by providing well engineered, safe, efficient, sustainable & intelligent buildings and other physical infrastructure in an economical and transparent manner. PW (B & NH) is also responsible for the development, maintenance and management of National Highways entrusted to it and matters related to National Highways.

    In general, the functions of the PW (Building & NH) Department are as follows: -

    1. Execute construction and maintenance of National Highways in the state as and when decided by Govt. under the funding of Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, GOI.


    1. Architectural/Structural Planning, Designing, Construction and Maintenance of functional and residential buildings of different departments under the Govt of Assam as and when Govt. decides so.


    1. Planning, Designing, Construction and Maintenance works for any public sector undertaking that may requisition technical expertise for executing building projects.


    1. The PW (B & NH) Department undertakes construction, repairs and maintenance works for local bodies and autonomous organizations/institutions of the State Government as “Deposit works”.


    1. Preparation and revision of Specifications for all works of Buildings to be taken up in the state under the PW (B & NH) Department.


    1. Preparation and revision of Schedule of Rates for all works of Building and of NH to be taken up in the state under the PW (B & NH) Department. However, presently the Department has adopted CPWD SOR for Building works.


    1. Approval of new products and maintaining up-to-date lists of approved manufacturers for specified materials.


    1. Provide consultancy services in planning, designing and construction of civil engineering projects, as and when required by public undertaking and other autonomous bodies.

    State Govt. departments which do not have their own engineering wing look up to the PW (B and NH) Department for the services of engineering personnel from time to time. A number of technocrats/engineers of PW (B & NH) Department have been rendering valuable services on deputation to many departments/bodies and PSUs, as well.