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Get an NOC for laying utility services across National Highways


  • Utility Services are allowed to cross the NH either through structures or conduits especially built forthis purpose.
  • The casing/conduit pipe should as minimum extend from drain to drain in cuts and toe of slope to toe of slope in the fills and shall be designed as per the provisions of IRC and specifications of the Ministry.
  • Application has to be made online to Higway authority with various clearances as specified.


Land being among the most precious of natural resources available, optimum utilization of land is critical in integrated development of infrastructure. One such way is to leverage land within the Nationa Highway (NH) right of Way (ROW) for laying utility services. This is achieved through granting permissions for laying utility services along or across the ROW. How this is dependent on various factors to ensure safety and of road users and the environment.The administration of ROW has been defined in The Control of National Highways (Land and Traffic) Act 2002 and relevant rules 2004.

Process Flow:

  • Application should be made to Executive Engineer of PWD (NH)
  • The Application has be put in public domain for 30 days for seeking claims and objections
  • The permission for laying of utility services is usually granted within 30 days of the closure of the public objections and claims

Guidelines for filling the form:

For Guidelines regarding the laying of utility services across and along national highways, Click Here


  • For purposes of granting license for utilising highway land, utilities have been divided into two categories: Public Utilities and Industrial Utilities.
  • License Fees (Rs/sq ft/month) = (Utilized NH Land x Prevailing circle rate of lnd per square unit area)/10x12
  • Fees have to be paid in advance for the period for which permission is granted.
  • To process for granting of permission and prior to signing of lease agreement, a Performance Bank Guarantee for an amount based on per route meter with a valibity or one year initially shall be provided by the utility service provider.
  • For utility services such as pipes, the following rates/metre apply:
    i. Provided in the ducts already provided = Rs 50
    ii. <=300 mm diamter in width =Rs 100
    iii. >300 mm in diameter but <=1000 mm diamter in width = Rs 250
    iv. > 1000 mm = Rs 500
    v. Utility Services such as towers etc (rate in Rs/sq m) = Rs 100

Documents Required:

  • Safety references from respective authorities such as Directorate of Electricity, Chief Controller Explosives, Petroleum and Explosives safety Organization, Oil Industry Safety Directorate, State/Central Pollution Control Board
  • Index/Key Plan

How to Apply:

Application has to be made to the concerned Executive Engineer, PWD (NH)

Forms to be filled:

Sample application forms are available in this Guideline.

Whom to Contact:

For any queries regarding NOC for laying of utility services across and along Hational Highways in Assam, you may contact:

Mrinmoy Baruah
Executive Engineer, BRD Roads Branch
O/o the Chief Engineer, PWD (NH Works)
Assam, Chandmari, Guwahati-781003
Email: mrinmoyb1960@gmail.com