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20 years PIDP for Assam Road Sector

The Planning & Development Department, Government of Assam (GoA) has taken up the task of Preparation of Perspective Infrastructure Development Plan (PIDP) for Assam for a period of twenty years. The focus sectors for preparation of the PIDP are Roads and Inland Waterway Transport, Power, Urban Infrastructure and Industrial Infrastructure.

Assam with a road network of 48,358 km plays an important role in the integration of the north east India region with the rest of the country. It also shares international borders with Bhutan, Myanmar and Bangladesh and has the potential to act as a gateway to these countries. The road network of the state carries a significant 74% of the total cargo traffic in the state (including interstate traffic) highlighting its importance and makes its development and maintenance very vital.

Overall Infrastructure Vision

The overall Infrastructure Vision for the state envisages various physical, policy level and institutional interventions in different sectors. Effective and efficient execution of these interventions is expected to

  • Lead to development of multi-modal Transport Corridors with adequate feeder networks that provides seamless movement of traffic with minimum transhipment cost and connects the state to neighbouring countries and states
  • Ensure development of Urban Nodes and Industrial Growth Centres along these Transport Corridors and will utilise synergies among the various government interventions - thereby contributing to uniform development across the state
  • Ensure augmentation and strengthening of the power sector along these Transport Corridors The Infrastructure Vision for the state aims to align development of industrial growth centres and urban centres across the state leading to the creation of Urban Nodes and Industrial Growth Centres.

To  download the 20 years PIDP Assam Roads, Click Here